AHEPA D2 Information Library and Workshops


AHEPA D2 11/28/2020 District Workshop


1. Opening
2. Introductions -Jim Sirks D2 Governor & Jerry Galovic D2 Lt. Gov
3. Protocol – Demetrios Kirkiles, PDG, Region 1 Supreme Governor.
4. Duties of Chapter Officers
A. President & Vice President- Jim Sirks, D2 Governor
B. Secretary – Homer Zambigidas, S2 Secretary.
C. Treasurer – Kostas Sofikitis, PDG, D2 Treasurer
I. The Budget Process – Mike Trimis, PDG
II. Projects – Mike Trimis, PDG
IlI. The Chapter and the IRS – Mike Trimis, PDG
5. Sons of Pericles – Eric Hill, D2 SoP Advisor & George Sofikitis, D2 Lt. Governor, SoP
6. Veterans Affairs – Chris Kapakos, D2 Warden
7. Growth and Expansion – John Lelekis, Chapter 16 President – Ahepan of the year
8. Fund Raising- Jim Constantine, Boca Raton Past President
9. Local Public Relations – Gus Pantelides, PDG
10. Info Guide to the Nat’l Website and Forms – Jerry Galovic – D2 Lt. Gov
11. Importance of the Initiation Ritual – Jim Sirks, D2 Governor
12. Closing


AHEPA D2 Membership Workshop



AHEPA D2 AHEPA and Church Symbiotic Relationship Workshop



AHEPA D2 Lodge Liaison Packet (MS Word)



AHEPA D2 Chapter Sample Budget Spreadsheet
                PDF: https://www.ahepad2.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/AHEPA-Chapter-Budget-Sample.pdf

                XLS: (request by email)


AHEPA HQ Chapter Informational Manual



Demeter’s Parliamentary Law & Procedures

                LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V5GsUMy1jmvVV5awlhH8Ex0Zti5CyV59/view?usp=drive_web


History of the Order of AHEPA 1922 – 1972

By George J. Leber – Past Executive Secretary Order of AHEPA 

On the Occasion of the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Order of AHEPA, 1922-1972