May 20, 2018

AHEPA Family, Brothers & Sisters,

My wife and I just returned from San Juan, Puerto Rico where we, along with AHEPA Alizea Chapter 537 President Agamemnon Gus Pantel, made a presentation of the $16,000.00 donation to the University Pediatric Hospital for a Neonatal Incubator. Because this hospital has the best facilities, they care for many of the premature babies throughout the Caribbean islands.  However, much of their equipment was either damaged or lost due to Hurricane Maria. You cannot imagine how appreciative they were of the AHEPA family philanthropy.

I personally would like to thank all the AHEPA family chapters and individuals who donated to this wonderful cause. Witnessing the good work these doctors provide to help the premature babies recover is amazing.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, with limited electrical power and resources, they are truly a blessing from God.

(photos below)

(L-R) Pediatric Doctor Rebeca Fuentes – AHEPA District 2 Governor Gus Pantelides – Pediatric Doctor Ines Garcia – Sherry Pantelides – Pediatric Foundation Executive Director Beatriz Garcia – AHEPA San Juan Alizea Chapter 537 President Agamemnon Gus Pantel

Respectfully submitted, 
Brother Gus Pantelides 
AHEPA District 2 Governor 
Florida – the Bahamas – Puerto Rico